New Jersey Strip Steak.  Boneless.  10oz.
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New Jersey Strip Steak. Boneless. 10oz.

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USDA Certified Choice New Jersey Strip Steak.  USDA Certified Choice.

Our special cut!  No one else has the boneless New Jersey Strip Steak!  Not to be confused with a New York Strip Steak, but from the general vicinity!   Very nice flavor great on the grill around 8-10oz each.*  Individually vacuum packaged.  Delivered frozen.

10# box*  App 16-20 pcs.  These are a great value if you have a little freezer space!  Too many steaks?  Split your order with a friend!

This product is FROZEN.  

All of our steaks are cut fresh in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards.  Vacuum Packaged to minimize handling, while providing a longer shelf life and is the preferred packaging for freezing.  Our products are all antibiotic and hormone free.

*Cutting Steaks is an art and not a science.  Actual weights may vary.