Chateaubriand / Tenderloin Roast
Chateaubriand / Tenderloin Roast
Greater Omaha

Chateaubriand / Tenderloin Roast

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Cut fresh to order from USDA Certified Choice & USDA Prime Tenderloin.

Midwest Raised.  Wet-Aged.  Fully Trimmed and Center Cut for Flavor and Size for Consistent Cooking from Roast to Roast.  2.25-2-5#* oven ready roast.

Individually Vacuum Packaged.

The Most Tender Cut of them all.

Cut fresh to order in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards.  Individually Vacuum Packaged to minimize handling, while providing a longer shelf life and is the preferred packaging for freezing.

*Cutting Steaks is an art and not a science.  Actual weights may vary.