Veal Rib End Chop.  Bone-in, 10-12oz
Individually Vacuum Packaged

Veal Rib End Chop. Bone-in, 10-12oz

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Bone In, Center Veal Rib Chops, 10-12oz* each.  Individually Vacuum Packaged.

They do not look quite as pretty as the pics, somewhat elongated from the end of the chop.  I'll cook some and add pics.  A very inexpensive way to enjoy Veal!

This product is frozen.

Fresh cut and Flash Frozen, stored in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards.  Individually Vacuum Packaged to minimize handling, while providing a longer shelf life and is the preferred packaging for freezing.

*Cutting Steaks is an art and not a science.  Actual weights may vary.