Short Rib - Plate - Dinosaur 3 Bone 4.75-5.75#* Black Angus USDA High Choice
Greater Omaha

Short Rib - Plate - Dinosaur 3 Bone 4.75-5.75#* Black Angus USDA High Choice

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3 bone slab from the plate.  Black Angus USDA High Choice, depending on supply.

What are the best beef ribs?
The best cut of beef ribs comes from the lower, ventral, section, from the 6th through 10th rib, roughly the same cut as the St. Louis cut of pork ribs. It is called the short plate, and the ribs are called short ribs not because they are short in length, but because they come from what is called the short plate.

Midwest Raised.  Wet-Aged.  Ready for your smoker or grill.  Usually Prime, sometimes Certified Black Angus.

Individually Vacuum Packaged.

Each slab 5-6#*, occasionally heavier.

Also available in our Smoking Essentials Combo Package

Our Short Rib comes from only one source - The World Class Beef of Greater Omaha.  From pasture to plate their uncompromising commitment to quality produces the beef used in many of the Top Chicago Restaurants.  Selectively bred Angus and Hereford Cattle, grass fed and corn finished in America's Heartland,  Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, GMO Free.

Cut fresh to order in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards.  Individually Vacuum Packaged to minimize handling, while providing a longer shelf life and is the preferred packaging for freezing.

*Actual weights may vary.

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