Lamb Racks
Product of New Zealand

Lamb Racks

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Strauss/Chiappetti New Zealand Lamb Racks.  Both sides, each providing 7-8 chops.  Each Rack around 1#*  total weight 1.8–2.2#

Frenched (the “handle” part of the bone is trimmed clean).  

Vacuum packaged.  This product is frozen.

New Zealand is an ideal place to produce pure, authentic, delicious lamb. Strauss New Zealand lamb is grazed on some of the world’s most fertile pastures and is 100% grass fed and grass-finished by family farmers and ranchers. The temperate, subtropical climate, ample rainfall, and emerald-green pastures produce lamb with classic flavor. A nature-intended stress-free environment creates exceptionally succulent, tender meat with exceptional tenderness. New Zealand lamb breeds are petite resulting in the smallest of Strauss Lamb cuts, a benefit for culinary creativity and versatility.

Received frozen in an ultra-clean environment exceeding USDA standards.  Vacuum Packaged to minimize handling, while providing a longer shelf life and is the preferred packaging

*Actual weights may vary.