Wisconsin Meadows Grass Fed Beef - Steaks, Stew Meat, Ground Beef.
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Wisconsin Meadows Grass Fed Beef - Steaks, Stew Meat, Ground Beef.

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Wisconsin Meadows™ 100% Grass-fed Beef

Green grass, blue skies and the crystal clear waters of Wisconsin are the ingredients in Wisconsin Meadows 100% grass-fed beef.

Our livestock comes from Wisconsin family farms all across the state and is naturally produced without synthetic growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics. The farm families own and operate the Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative care about the environment and humanely managing our animals to produce the best quality products.

  • No GMOs, sustainably produced using regenerative farming practices
  • Our animals are never confined in feedlots.
  • Calves are left with their mothers to learn natural grazing and social behaviors.
  • We use low-stress handling methods which makes for calmer, healthier livestock.
  • They all have outdoor access their entire lives and eat only pasture forages and hay.

Available items & quantities:

  • Diced Stew Meat - 12/1# portions in cryovac sealed bags.  12# total.
  • Ribeye Steak - 8/10oz steaks individually cryovac packaged.  5# total.
  • Filet Mignon - 13/6oz filets individually cryovac packaged.  5# total.
  • New York Strip Steak - 8/10oz steaks individually cryovac packaged.  5# total.
  • Whole Brisket - 9# in a cryovac sealed bag.

Taste the provenance and diversity of Wisconsin’s pastures! With heritage breeds and careful stewardship of our soil and pastures, we produce high-quality meats for your table. Our products naturally have seasonal variances and produce a rich, complex flavor compared to the bland, homogeneous feedlot product. We think you will appreciate the subtle nuances in the flavor!

Our Products Offer:

  • A high-quality eating experience
  • Animal age and source verification
  • Food safety – Inspected processing facilities and farm to table traceability
  • Product purity: No growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics used
  • Environmental Stewardship (Improves soil and water quality)
  • Human health benefits (CLAs, Omega 3s,Omega 9s, etc.) – Independent research confirms grass based livestock products are best for human health.